Childbirth is one of the most strenuous experiences, physically, mentally, and emotionally, that your body has been through.  Creating a baby inside your body is nothing short of miraculous, and your body deserves gentle nutrition in the postpartum phase to promote optimal healing and recovery.  

As a new mama, one of the most crucial components to recovery is nourishing your body well.  While self-care seems like an unattainable dream while caring for a newborn, remember the foundation of a healthy family starts with you.

Given the length of time it takes our bodies to grow and develop a human being, shouldn’t we give ourselves that much time and more to heal from pregnancy and birth?  Our bodies need to be nurtured through rest, nutrition, and room for grace to slowly take everything in.  Let go of the notion that you need to keep up with the rapid pace which life moves and give yourself permission to experience the slower moments that make up motherhood.

After childbirth and with breastfeeding, your body is in need of adequate nourishment for healing and restoration.  Having simple meals and snacks on hand that are filling and nourishing can keep your body fueled in the postpartum phase.  Remember to sufficiently hydrate throughout the day and take the opportunities you can to rest.  The foundation of your overall wellness is dependent on how you physically care for you body.



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