How Much More Can I Eat?

The reality is that the average woman will need to gradually increased amounts of calories/nutrition over the course of her pregnancy, but this is not necessarily an “eating for two” mindset.  Even while your body is undergoing significant changes throughout the course of your pregnancy, keep in mind that the other person you are eating for is a tiny, growing baby.  

Let’s break down how much more your body might need over the three trimesters of your pregnancy if you were at average weight before becoming pregnant:

1st trimester

Week 1 to week 12

Your caloric needs will not increase by much.  This is an important time to focus on nutrient-dense foods and hydration, particularly if you are dealing with morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting.

2nd trimester

Week 13 to week 27

You will need 300-350 extra calories per day, which breaks down to a snack or small meal, like a bowl of cottage cheese with fresh fruit, or a banana with a couple tablespoons of peanut butter.

3rd trimester

Week 28 to birth

Your daily caloric needs will increase by an additional 500 calories per day in the final weeks before delivery.

carrying multiples

You will need to add an additional 300 calories per day for each baby you are carrying.