Welcome to your pregnancy journey!  You have likely ruminated over countless situations and questions in your head about all things related to motherhood; from what your baby will be like to your nursery colors and everything in between.  The pregnancy journey itself is a remarkable experience that will ultimately transform everything you know about yourself as you create and bring beautiful life into the world.  

One of the most powerful aspects about pregnancy is how you can begin setting the foundation for a healthy start in life for you baby. What mother does not want to create the best possible start for their child?  In many situations, this is much easier said than done.  How exactly can you make healthy food choices for yourself during pregnancy if you are dealing with morning sickness?  How do you handle all the crazy cravings you are experiencing, and how exactly do you fit vegetables into the menu when all you want is ice cream?  And is this eating for two thing a valid excuse to go to town and heap on the second servings at meal time?  Let’s jump into these questions further and break it all down.

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