Understanding Your Pregnancy Body's Needs

Your body is creating and growing a miracle, and the process of what you are currently experiencing does put additional demands on your body.  Think about it: in nine months, your body is going through these incredible changes to support your growing baby.

blood volume

increases by up to 50%, SUPPLYing NUTRIENTS TO YOUR growing baby

your body

is growing an entirely new organ - the placenta

glandular tissue

in the breasts is proliferating & growing

 internal organs

will move around, with your rib cage shifting upwards ~2 INcheS

your uterus

expands from the size of an orange to a watermelon

your hormones

 throughout your body will be affected by pregnancy

These changes are just touching the surface of all that your body is undergoing to accommodate the growing baby in your womb.  With the extra demands on the body, it is easier to understand exactly why your body has an increased need of certain nutrients that support these changes, as well as additional calories.  

While we will be focusing on the key nutrients that your body has an increased need for during pregnancy in the next chapter, we do want to address how much you might need to eat.  Because let’s face it: many of us have looked at pregnancy as the green light for doubling up on servings or not thinking twice about what we put into our body.  But how much more does our body need to support a health pregnancy?