Signs Your BreastFed Baby Is Eating Enough

Fortunately, the majority of new mothers who are breastfeeding do in fact make sufficient breastmilk to support their baby’s needs and more.  Learning and understanding signs that your breastfed baby is eating enough can help put your mama brain at ease if you’re concerned about your baby’s milk intake. 

Here’s the scoop on important signs that indicate your baby is receiving enough milk:

  • Wet Diapers: After the first few days of life, your breastfed baby should have about 6-8 wet diapers per day, indicating they are transferring sufficient milk.  Urine should be mild smelling and pale in color.  

  • Dirty Diapers: Breastfed babies will produce a mustard yellow stool that is usually loose and seedy.  By day 4 of life, breastfed babies will have about 3+ dirty diapers per day.

  • Nursing Frequency:  On average, your baby should nurse about 8-12 times per 24-hour period.  Remember that your baby’s stomach holds a smaller volume of milk, which is why they have a need to nurse frequently.  

  • Audible swallowing sounds are heard by your baby as he/she is breastfeeding. Baby should appear relaxed after feedings, or generally satisfied. 

  • Breasts should feel softer after nursing as milk is transferred out to baby.

  • Weight Gain: Your baby should continue to make progress with weight gain, gaining on average 4 - 7 ounces per week after the first few days of life.

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