Breast or formula: Fed Is Best

**Crystal: can you lead in with a 4-6 sentence paragraph here on some of the common challenges of feeding, for both the baby and the mom.


For the baby

From a strictly medical point-of-view, the younger the baby the more important it is for him to receive breast milk. For the premature baby, the benefits of breastmilk may be even more important than for the term baby. The more immature the baby, the greater the need for the protective features of breast milk.

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For the mom

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Regardless of how you decide to feed your baby, either via breast or bottle, with formula or breastmilk, or combination feedings, the most important thing is that you ARE feeding and nurturing your baby <link back to Chapter 2>.  Unfortunately, many mothers face unnecessary pressure to breastfeed or perhaps face scrutiny for giving their baby formula.  

Can we all agree that mothers in general are dealing with enough as it is?  Let’s commit to building a safe community and space for all mothers, one that is without judgement or ridicule, especially when it comes to how we decide to feed our own children.

**Crystal: Please add 3-5 more sentences here on why it's important to remove the judgement, as well as giving some reassurance to mothers on why formula is also a wonderful option should they not be able to breastfeed.

Here are 4 positive thoughts to carry with you in moments where feedings become a challenge:

  • There will be many unexpected challenges and questions, but through it all, never forget that you are the perfect mama for your baby.  
  • Your baby will absolutely grow and thrive under your love and care, and even through the most difficult moments and struggles you might face, the precious bond you share cannot be easily broken.
  • **Crystal: Can you add 2 more positive affirmations here that a mother can remember


If you have any hesitation or doubt about how your baby is feeding, take action right away.  The good news is that there are many resources available that can help support you in your breastfeeding journey, so don’t feel like you have to do this alone! Stop by your local La Leche League, breastfeeding support group, or visit a Lactation Consultant to discuss any concerns you might have.  Many women find that with some minor adjustments and a whole lot of reassurance, breastfeeding can continue normally.


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