Becoming a mother is perhaps the most sacred of transformations a woman will experience in her lifetime.  Motherhood is indeed a journey of metamorphosis, from the moment you know of conception throughout the span of your child’s life.  Being a mother is a significantly defining moment of your life, forever changing the way you will look at the world, yourself, and those you love.  

Many women may feel lost in motherhood or unable to understand the women they are becoming.  Other women may try to resist it, to retract back to a version of her former self.  Yet others learn to ebb and flow with the changes that come, growing and evolving over time into the most beautiful version of herself.  

When I look at each of my children, I appreciate the qualities that are unique to them.  At their young, innocent ages, they feel a sense of invincibility towards life - like there is nothing they cannot do, explore, or conquer.  

We all start out in life this way, only to fall prey to a society that wants to press us into a standardized mold to meet unrealistic qualifications of acceptability and expectations.  With resounding hope, I pray my children will always find the courage to embrace their own uniqueness in a world that fervently challenges our differences.  I have found that the essence of loving yourself begins with accepting the unique fabric of your life; and from the wellspring of self-love, can you truly love others.  

In every trial and tribulation, the obstacles and challenges we face are stepping stones toward a more beautiful version of ourselves.  One that is fortified to live a life well loved.

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