Better Understand The General Motherhood Process

Wherever you may find yourself on this journey today, it is important to remember that you are not alone.  The road feels isolating at times.  There is no one applauding you for the countless meals you will prepare, loads of laundry you will cycle through, or bed-time lullabies you will sing each night.  No one sees you waking up for those late-night feeds and early morning rises, kissing boo-boos, changing diapers after diapers, counseling, teaching, guiding, and disciplining.  


There are countless of tasks you will go through as you mother your precious children, care for their needs, show them love in the most tangible ways - many of these being mundane and thankless.  You will feel invisible some days to the world, go through weeks at a time where you feel unrecognizable, even perhaps to yourself, or perhaps, like you have accomplished little in the eyes of the world.


Sweet mama - never forget that you are raising a generation, and though you may not see the fruit of your labor in this chapter or season of your life, the world will recognize the beauty of a unconditional and selfless love in your own child.  When you feel discouraged, hopeless, and just so very tired, keep your chin up and your heart open to receiving the unexpected gifts of joy that will help you embrace motherhood from the trenches.  Along the way, stay connected to other mothers who have gone before you, you understand what you are experiencing and who love you through the process.  Find community.


As you go through this journey, remember that you too are in need of nurturing, self-care, and body kindness.  As we’ve shared before, we cannot pour from an empty cup, so find ways to fill up your cup each day.  Eat adequately throughout the day.  Escape in a favorite book or podcast.  Catch up with a good friend.  Drink a cup of coffee in a short moment of silence.  Whatever rejuvenates you for the motherhood journey.  Find self-care.  


Motherhood will continue to change you.  It is the lens through which you view yourself, your life, and those you love.  Learn to embrace what motherhood means to you.  So often, we look at motherhood with a sense of what has been lost: “I lost my career”, “I lost my friends”, “I lost my freetime”, “I lost me”.  Try instead to look at motherhood for what has been gained and the richness that has come to your life through this incredible gift.  Though you may not be able to see if all clearly now, you are being beautifully transformed on this journey, and your life story will tell of a greater picture that was graced by motherhood.  Find yourself.  

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